HOME PAGE and LATEST NEWS Some people in South Middlesbrough are ‘foolish and selfish’

Challenge to the people of South Middlesbrough who ‘argue we shouldn’t build anymore houses   .. a policy that is both selfish and foolish. Councillor Branson spoke at the Council Meeting on 15th March. See https://www.middlesbrough.gov.uk/mayor-council-and-councillors/council-meetings and listen to the statement at 1 hour 13 minutes 45 seconds and judge for yourself.

We have NEVER stated we were against all development – we simply want proper consultation, proper infrastructure and protection of our greenways wherever possible.

MAPP Middlesbrough Alternative Planning Partnership We are meeting regularly and taking a leading role  in an immensely helpful collaboration which strengthened our  representations on the Middlesbrough Local Plan      http://bit.ly/2E2yleu      We attended a planning meeting and learned that the Council will use the views from 50 plus representations and a Local Government Planning group, to make the MBC plans ‘more robust’. We are disappointed to put it mildly, that the Council seems to be  working almost as if this new Plan is approved when it will be some months before the Planning Inspector approves it; asks for modifications; or indeed rejects it. We are also disappointed – and are writing to the Chief Executive, as Freedom of Information requests to seek clarification as to how plans have been arrived at, meet with regular delays and suggestions that our request are vexatious’. We have received a response and will be submitting the evidence for consideration and will confirm again we seek only information that will enable us to assist the Council in making the plan more robust and considerate.

We  collectively started a new petition which we would encourage community members to sign and share – its all about our future and the future of our children. Over 400 people have done so

The new petition is at https://www.change.org/p/planning-inspector-and-the-ceo-of-mbc-stop-selling-off-our-green-spaces-heritage-assets-for-housing


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