A new regime, a new way of consultation and more thought before removing greenways!

BIG changes since our last update. We  worked very hard in recent months with numerous questions and petitions directed towards the Councillors responsible for developments and consultation. The work on Dixons Bank continues causing considerable disruption to residents and we still don’t have confidence it will ease the Marton Crawl.

We have  facilitated meetings, and work,  with the other individuals and organisations in MAPP to make strong representations on the 2018 Local Plan which Councillor Young and colleagues were so confident in. We believe we confounded many elements of that plan. We also strongly challenged the process of consultation and the difficulty, in some cases impossibility, in gaining answers to questions including FOIs. After submitting a dossier to the Chief Executive he conducted an investigation and apologised to us.

We invited all Mayoral candidates to meet us before the election and only one did so namely Andy Preston. He listened to us carefully and, having been elected, he has done exactly what he said he would do.

We  met the Planning Officer Paul Clarke on 5th June to confirm that the proposed Local Plan 2018 is to be abandoned. We do have a concern that the Mandale Spine Road and the Longlands/Ladgate Lane roads are in the extant 2014 plans as means of alleviating traffic. Housing needs appear to centre on young families and not on executive homes.

On Friday 7th June , we met the Chief Executive , and in passing the new Mayor who confirmed that he would be asking the Council to formally abandon the 2018 Plan – see @Teesissues. We then went on to hear that new options /plan will be developed in the Autumn. However, we pressed, particularly regarding any road development, for a better plan than that proposed in the JSTNA report which we had obtained a copy of before it it went onto the Council website  https://middlesbrough.gov.uk/sites/default/files/Joint-Strategic-Transport-Needs-Assessment-Jun19.pdf

TVCA 10 year plans soon. The Chief Executive confirmed, as we had heard, that the TVCA will produce a 10 year plan for consultation from a TRANSPORT point of view and not just traffic which must be considered before any further road works or expenditure.

New approach to consultation – beyond the statutory minimum. We are  confident that we will soon hear of a new approach to consultation and public involvement, which we in the community will be consulted on. We were also made aware of the financial benefits to the Council of building new houses as the Government matches the Council Tax income for 3 years so for every house that is a further around £4,500 extra income.

We are very keen to gain more membership in ourGreenways and to do more for our local community in Nunthorpe and Marton, whilst continuing to work across the town through MAPP.   We are holding a meeting ( and our first AGM) on Wednesday 26th June at 7pm in the Nunthorpe Institute. We have a draft Lottery bid for green activities and ‘infrastructure – please come along or support us on Facebook or email info@ourgreenways.org . , and suggest ideas. We do need volunteers  to help us in small ways too please.

Join us  and have your say – on Facebook @ourgreenways – please share and like