Changes because of work with MAPP and our ideas for progress in a new direction

We have  facilitated meetings, and work,  with the other individuals and organisations in MAPP and made strong representations on the 2018 Local Plan resulting in the confounding of many elements of that plan. We as part of MAPP invited all Mayoral candidates along to meet us – only Andy Preston responded. The election of a new Council and Andy Preston as the  new Mayor has resulted in profound change and the Mayor is meeting MAPP again on 12th August.

We, as lead MAPP members,  also strongly challenged the process of consultation and the difficulty, in some cases impossibility, in gaining answers to questions including FOIs. After submitting a dossier to the Chief Executive he conducted an investigation and apologised to us.

We are very keen to gain more membership in ourGreenways and to do more for our local community in Nunthorpe and Marton, whilst continuing to work across the town through MAPP.   We are held a meeting ( and our first AGM) on Wednesday 26th June  We have submitted a Lottery bid  after full support from our AGM, our three Councillors in all of Nunthorpe, and the Parish and Community Councils. We are grateful too for a small grant from the Parish Council.  We are looking to set up at least three  green activities events and  some enduring infrastructure for green, environmental and health and well being activities.

Please continue to support us on Facebook or email . , and suggest ideas. We do need volunteers  to help us in small ways too please.

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