Mission Statement

OurGreenways – committed to the protection of green ways and spaces in order to
promote the physical and mental well being of the Nunthorpe community

Our aims on formation in 2018 were to

  • Encourage wider awareness of issues that can potentially affect communities through intrusive building developments and poor planning of infrastructure – roads, buses, rail, cycle and walkways – and schools, medical facilities and more, as well as the loss of greenways – namely areas covered in grass, trees and other natural vegetation that people like to use and feel relaxed in.
  • Make a difference by fighting for a wider consultation process about such developments, ensuring that community members affected, not just those adjacent to a development, but who will be affected, are informed properly with sufficient time to respond.
  • Engage with the community, bringing people together, and led by the community, through meetings, petitions, Facebook, website, You Tube, Twitter, leaflets and banners, and appropriate green community activities and using an ever widening range of volunteers only.
  • Seeking to ensure that public money on developments is expended most effectively

Our constitution was agreed and can be read here OGW Constitution

These aims evolved as we responded to what local people said and see how below  –

Our Lottery proposal 2019

We are members of the community of Greater Nunthorpe. We have worked closely with various groups (Nunthorpe Parish Council, Nunthorpe Community Council, other community groups, and the Nunthorpe and Marton Playing Fields Association) in campaigning for green issues, linking also with our Local Authority regarding better planning and infrastructure. We have run two successful petitions, supported by our website, Facebook and other social media , to bring people together in thinking about green issues and our local environment, and in challenging the Council. We have delivered a leaflet to all the homes in our area; facilitated a a consultation event on a local plan; and had regular meetings and newsletters using Mailchimp. We have had stands at Community Council events and have recruited more members and increased awareness of the issues. As a result we have developed through talking to community members and local schools, and our two recently elected  Ward Councillors, our plan for a variety of activities and some legacy facilities for the community. Our community of Nunthorpe is divided as a railway line runs through it and this was chosen as boundary between two Local Authorities. We hope that our activities and plan will help keep the community spirit despite the inevitable challenges this ‘boundary’ created. We have held  our first AGM  to further consolidate our plan and involve even more people in its design and delivery, with a public meeting planned to discuss options and how we can best work with other bodies.

We have been seen as the group to meet other challenges to our green spaces, to bring others together and come up with positive suggestions. We intend to build on this community spirit on green and planning issues with a one year project, taking part in other community events, but running at least three significant green activity events, especially aimed at families. We also wish to develop, with the community and schools, some legacy facilities  including, for example, signboards to stimulate green/healthy activities to educate, protect and advance the preservation, and hopefully development, of nature in our suburban area, around play parks, sporting facilities  and other green ways and spaces.