1. The squirrels in Triangle Wood are very determined and have ‘broken’ two bird feeders with their sharp teeth, persistence and intelligence . But we have found a cunning new design where the feeder door closes when something heavy gets on it! We will keep you updated to see if it works.
  2. We put frogspawn in the two ponds and we have tadpoles now
  3. Our plashing of the hedge has paid off! Seemingly hacking ( carefully) the hedges has resulted in much new growth and what will be a thicker hedge, along with planting over 200 hedge whips ( thank you TVCA)
  4. We are very grateful to TVCA for 250 hedge and tree whips which we have planted to thicken up the hawthorn hedges and insert hazel hedges too, as well as a variety of trees like crab apple which will grow under bigger trees and provide food for insects and birds. Other trees planted in areas where unsafe trees were taken down.
  5. The adjacent field, Morgan McClintock has dubbed Hypotenuse Field – great idea- is being looked at closely , and we think positively, by MBC.