Planning Rules – developers manoeuvres and moving goalposts


128 houses under Persimmon Plans for Nunthorpe Grange – on the Council website with the original closing date of 7 January- extended to March after objections from a Community group.

Here is how that will look! Not all the executive houses originally mentioned… Look at their responses to their own consultation here…/1j_1oz7Nqbue_DJA-zeDNb67_V…/view…

Questions we asked at recent Council meeting – and the responses

Question – 20/2018 “In the opinion of Middlesbrough Council, has the new Middlesbrough Publication Local Plan already come into effect, or do the Housing Local Plan 2014 and all the “Superseded Policies” listed in Appendix 3 of the 2018 Middlesbrough Local Plan remain in force until the Planning Inspector has concluded her/his review?”

Response Whilst the 2014 Housing Local Plan is the statutorily adopted development plan, the 2018 plan has weight in the decision making process with the superseding of policies being a gradual process until its adoption.

Question – 19/2018

The Nunthorpe Grange Design Code which was put out for consultation and closed on 31 August,  states  “Policy H29 outlines the following requirements:  Land is allocated at Nunthorpe, South of Guisborough Road for a maximum of 250 predominantly three and four bedroom detached and semi-detached dwellings, and associated access arrangements. “

The Planning Officer stated at the November Parish Council meeting that there would now be 350 houses and also a GP practice facility being considered for the site. On this basis it seems entirely logical that the consultation process should be recommenced if Middlesbrough Council wishes its consultation process to have any credibility, and, if the consultation is not to be reopened, how does Councillor Young propose to explain to residents what happened to the Council’s commitment to community involvement?

Response . Whilst the Planning Officer may have commented on the potential for 350 houses on the site – which it has – the Council is seeking 250 houses on the site as per Policy H29 and as stated in the Nunthorpe Masterplan. The addition of a doctors surgery would not affect the overall number of houses and would be an important local amenity.

The Campaign for  Rural England  criticised the Government’s targets for building new houses, maintaining that if 75% of targets are not reached then the developers can hold back developments so that if the targets are not reached they can ‘game’ the system to then build on new greenfield sites – read more at the link above. Add your comments – its very worrying in its  potential

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