Looking back – could we all have done more? But we will now..

On a personal basis I was ‘too busy’ and  ‘didn’t get the Gazette’ and didn’t take this all in! I guess many of us are like that but we must think now about the future for our children and their children. There is flawed logic we would suggest in the plan and how its emerging. One respondent on our petition          http://bit.ly/ourgreenwayspetition calls it ‘council tax farming’ . What do you think?

Look at this report https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/local-news/revealed-middlesbroughs-blueprint-7400-new-3667076  from Jan 2013 in the Gazette – its the 20 year plan ! Take a look at the map too and see what they had outlined and reflect on whats happening now. What happened to all the houses and flats at Middlehaven for example?

Planning Rules – developers manouevres


The Campaign for  Rural England today criticises the Government’s targets for building new houses, maintaining that if 75% of targets are not reacjed then the developers can hold back developments so that if the targets are not reached they can ‘game’ the system to then build on new greenfield sites – read more ta the link above. Add you comments – its very worrying in its  potential

Residents, commuters, businesses who live or travel through South Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough Borough Council has started many different housing developments across Middlesbrough, and we are most concerned about South Middlesbrough, but with others, like Greenstuff Middlesbrough and Beyond    we demand more meaningful public involvement before new houses are built on every greenspace, our greenways, damaging our greenways and spaces in every way – destruction of nature, noise and pollution that will affect us all but especially the young and the old.

We understand the need for new housing developments but we want to ensure that the demand is carefully evidenced and then houses are built only with appropriate infrastructure.